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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State gets new verbal; Jay Ajayi at the Pro Bowl

NFL: Pro Bowl Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will track you down.

You have my Word.

ICYMI: Broncos pulled in another WR recruit

Mr. Evans will be a nice addition to the Broncos’ roster. He has some really nice P5 offers and will be a great one to have.

Also, in “that’s a bummer” news, Broncos lost a recruit:

So whaddyagonnado? It is a bummer but it happens. Can’t blame these kids for following their hearts. These could, potentially, be a longterm decision that impacts their careers. Brightside: he did it now and not right before signing day. I, mostly, blame lazy coaches for watching who offers whom and then piggybacking off of that. Good luck to Mr. Seawards and I hope he finds his success.

Jay Ajayi: Pro Bowler

And he had quite a night for a game that is, essentially, meaningless.

While those aren’t eye-popping numbers, per se, he got the most touches for the AFC squad. Going to chalk that up as a win!

Also: NFC dudes like dropping Ajayi on his face.

Oh, and here is Jay Ajayi dancing (I am not 100% sure about that link, so don’t click it):


Woooohhhhh. Meow Mania.