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Boise State Game Balls for Week of December 25th

NCAA Basketball: Colorado State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, despite the holidays, was surprisingly busy for the Broncos’ sports. The football team, both basketball teams, and the wrestling squad all had their respective outings. So how did it go?

Game Ball One:

Cedric Wilson (football)

While the outcome was not what we wanted (not going to rehash the game here) we can at least take time to acknowledge a pretty good effort. Mr. Wilson had six catches, 88 yards, and a touchdown. This dude is is good and it makes my heart happy he’s (as of this writing) coming back for the 2017 season. He is going to be such a bright spot and I cannot wait for all the Tom Hanks and Cast Away gifs I am going to use in his honor. So. Many. Gifs.

Game Ball Two:

Chandler Hutchison (MBB)

This one was kind of a tough one since I really wanted to give it to Nick Duncan. But I realized that it would only be because he flipped off the Utah State student section and, when forced to rightfully apologize, he did not apologize to them. We all know they deserved the pain of losing, and a finger.

So I had to go with the guy who helped lead the way for the Utah State win and actually put away the game winner against Colorado State.

Getting a win in the Mountain West Conference is already going to be tough. Better to be 2-0 now, get these wins stored away, and not have to worry as much down the stretch. Giving the ball to this guy is well worth it.

Game Ball Three:

Brooke Pahukoa (WBB)

Broncos are really good. And it does not hurt to have Ms. Pahukoa back on the floor. Girl had 15 (15!!!!) attempted free throws. Colorado State, as a team, had 19. She also led ALL scorers with 20 points. Not half bad against a Colorado State team that has had Boise State’s number recently (Boise State snapped the Rams’ 22 game home winning streak and was on a three-game run against the Broncos). Also not to mention that Colorado State had won the conference three years running. This is a great monkey-off-back win.

Your Turn

Anyone else? Let me know.