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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State day (yesterday)!; Anthony Drmic; Basketballer

NCAA Basketball: Nevada at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Why did the deer need braces?

He had buck teeth.

Yesterday was Boise State day apparently

In a few ways, I am sad that I did not know this.

Also: the picture of the week isn’t recent, right? Cause the weather in that picture does not reflect the weather that I see when I look out my window.

Boise State loses a line backer commit


There is probably a whole lot that went on behind this one. Mr. Niumatalolo was on a Mormon mission but came back early. There may be multiple reasons for that (I would venture to say those reasons are private and hopefully they resolved themselves).

Being home early (just a shade under the two years he was supposed to be gone) most likely screwed with Boise State’s scholarship numbers. He wants an opportunity to play now. Broncos, in all likelihood, cannot provide that opportunity as it stands. Good luck to Mr. Niumatalolo and I hope he finds somewhere that can utilize his talents. In short: he will be just fine.

Four star Boise State basketball commit still a Bronco

He did not sign his letter of intent when the early signing period came. Some people (current author included) wondered what was up. I guess he wanted to feel some stuff out? Anyway, I look forward to him signing during the next period.

Anthony Drmic finding his success in Australia

Mr. Drmic had to make some adjustments on his new team. Which is kind of weird since we all knew him as a shooter, and he—well—is not now. But his team is rolling and if you are ever in Australia you should definitely visit this Ikea.

Guess who is really good at swimming?

And awarded in kind? Well if you guessed Brittany Aoyama (like this handsome writer did) you would be correct! And handsome!

Former Bronco wrestler nabs a gold

I am guessing “Double Leg Ninja” is in reference to a club, or a training facility? Either way, fantastic name.


Derelict Orbital Reflective Devices. Honestly not quite sure what to make of this one. But one of the jokes I got. So I was happy with that.