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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Winter Sports, McNichols’ Draft Projection, Harsin Interview

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Boise State vs Baylor Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you feel so inclined

Winter athletes to keep tabs on

Dave Southorn of The Idaho Statesman threw together a profile of the people and programs that are in progress for Bronco Athletics in the winter time.

Mel Kiper Jr thinks McNichols is a 4th or 5th rounder

Which is a complete shot in the dark, and means almost nothing at this point. Remember, draft analysts can be a great source of a whole lot of information on individual players, but in terms of accurately predicting draft picks...literally none of them ever accurately project more than a handful of picks correctly. Add to that the fact that it’s freaking January, and none of these players have even been to the combine yet or had their pro days. A lot of things happen between now and players actually getting selected by teams. So, just keep in mind, the Todd McShays and Mel Kipers of the world make a living off of knowing a lot of players names and attributes and mostly just guessing who will get drafted—with only maybe slightly higher success rates than you or I might have.

The fact that I would also love to have either of their jobs is irrelevant...

Link to radio interview with Coach Harsin


Being a political science major, I’m going to use this to punctuate my points in class arguments discussions