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Journeyman coach Eric Kiesau to join Boise State’s staff

NCAA Football: Air Force at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors swirled this morning that journeyman coach Eric Kiesau would be joining the Boise State staff as a replacement for Junior Adams. Now, those rumors have been confirmed by the Idaho Statesman so we can go ahead and report it without risking the ‘internet crackpot’ label. The Broncos were reportedly going hard after Kiesau a year ago for the OC spot that Eliah Drinkwitz had vacated, but Kiesau had just been hired by then-Fresno State coach Tim DeRuyter and felt more obligation to that new position than Zak Hill did to his when Boise State hired him away from Hawaii.

A lot can change in a year and in the last 3 months specifically Kiesau was named interim head coach at Fresno State when DeRuyter was cut loose and then found himself jobless after new Bulldog headman Jeff Tedford cleaned house. Now, it appears the Broncos will get Kiesau in-house after all. If Kiesau is a direct replacement for Junior Adams, he'll be coaching the receivers and coordinating the passing game, but further restructuring of the playcalling duties are possible this offseason, so his role could be expanded or diminished from the duties Adams held.

At any rate, Kiesau has a wealth of experience, having coached at Cal, Colorado, Washington, and Kansas—among others—and served as an offensive analyst to Nick Saban at Alabama before joining Fresno State's staff. He's got a bit of a reputation for working with pro-style QBs and installing no-huddle it will be interesting to see if any of that comes to bear. One more thing to watch this offseason is Zak Hill, who could be a potential replacement for Beau Baldwin at Eastern Washington (Baldwin left EWU to join Justin Wilcox's staff at Cal). If Hill departs (and I have no reason to suspect he will other than a vague sense he may be interested), Kiesau's role would most certainly be subject to change.