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Predict the Score: Boise State vs Washington State

Do you think points are going to be scored?

NCAA Football: Boise State at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

I hate the last few days/hours before a game. I start reading game previews and wrong predictions and get all worked up about what is going to happen in the game. While I have every confidence in the Broncos, I just get so edgey about these things.

But nevermind about the butterflies in my stomach let us get down to the important stuff. Predicting the score against the Washington State cougars!

Tiebreakers (going to keep these really easy):

  • Cedric Wilson reception yards
  • Tanner Vallejo tackles
  • Sean Wale punt yards

What do I get if I win?

Perhaps a hearty handshake? Perhaps the riches of millions? Heck, maybe a treat from someplace. Who knows. Just spitballing here.

What about the Louisiana-Lafayette Predict the Score?

Well wouldn’t you know it, there were a LOT of quality guess. LVKit had a guess of 52-13. Egnowit had 38-13. Shovel came pretty close with 48-17. But this next person hit the stinkin’ nail right on the head. So, without further ado, Mr. SeniorChief gets my everlasting adoration with an exact guess of 45-10. That’s quite the impressive feat. I would say, to whomever asks, that they should probably wait till his guess is in and just blatantly steal borrow his guess. You would probably closer to the actual score than if you used your own brain.

Your turn

Well all right, all right all right. We have football this weekend and our lives will be ever so rich because of it. Let me know, in the comments, what you think the score will be and, who knows, maybe it is from you I will be plagiarizing getting guidance.