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Lyle Smith statue unveiled


Yesterday, Damien shared the news that a Lyle Smith statue would be unveiled in front of the Allen Noble Hall of Fame “before Saturday’s game”. He certainly wasn’t wrong...we just didn’t know how much before...turns out it was well before as the statue was unveiled in a private ceremony this afternoon. I’m sure you’re all dying to get a look at it, and luckily the Idaho Statesman’s Dave Southorn has you covered.

Artist Benjamin Victor—an artist-in-residence at Boise State—sculpted the statue and worked all sorts of detail into the likeness, including Smith’s signature fedora, his specially-made dress shoe cleats, and a clipboard that features a power run play drawn up by former Bronco QB Bart Hendricks.

It will be interesting to see where the patina forms on the statue over the years as players and fans pay their respects to “the father of Boise State football”.