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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State wrestling staff announced; Townsend at Paralympics

Beware: live bears present

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Wyoming v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What do you say about a Hobbit that won’t shut up?

He’s Tolkien your ear off.

Inside Bronco Football - Episode 1

A bit of an inside look to what the football team is doing. It is kind of a long one, 20 minutes, so only get it started once you have some time to spare.

Mike Mendoza, head men’s wrestling coach, fills out staff

Coach Mendoza has brought in two former Boise State wrestlers to help impact the next group of wrestlers. The Broncos are in a bit of a rebuilding mode since Geo Martinez left for Oklahoma State. Having two coaches that are familiar with the winning tradition at Boise State will help the transition. Though the loss of Mr. Martinez is a bummer, the one positive is that he had an unconditional release that granted him the ability to go wherever he felt would have been the best fit. One sport where that is more than a minor issue is football.

Roderick Townsend participating in the Paralympics

Mr. Townsend has been a standout athlete for the United State since his days at Boise State. He will be participating in the 100m, high jump, and long jump. Hopefully Mr. Townsend will be able to bring home a couple of Paralympic golds.

ICYMI: Lyle Smith getting a statue

To reiterate: pretty awesome. And the timing works out pretty well with everything the school is doing to celebrate the Blue.

And, apparently, Lyle Smith knows how to capture wild bears:

I caught a cold once. Does that count?

Not 100% sure why the school needed a live bear versus a terrifying costume of a bear. But whatever works. Live mascots (like Ralphie at Colorado and Uga at Georgia) are a lot cooler anyway.


This is the difference in heartbeats between a mouse, man, and an elephant.