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Lyle Smith to be honored by Boise State with a statue

If it feels like you have seen Mr. Lyle Smith everywhere, now it will almost be a guarantee.

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

In news that should be a surprise to no one—and Bronco Nation nodding heads in agreement—The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Lyle Smith is going to be getting some hardware constructed in his honor at Boise State.

And it certainly ain’t no plaque.

The Boise State centenarian, father of Bronco football, and noted weight lifter extraordinaire will be a permanent fixture as people walk by the Allen Noble Hall of Fame. Also, he never skips leg day.

The famous pose above will be the template for the statue, as it should be. Any Broncos fan that has ever done a bit of research in the history of Bronco football has come across the photo a handful of times. Not only is it a great photo, but it captures Mr. Smith’s steady persona very well.

The announcement of the statue is in conjunction with Boise State celebrating their All-Blue Team, 30 years on the Blue, and Mr. Smith’s 100 birthday. At half-time of the Washington State game, the All-Blue team will be honored, along with the write-in votes. For those in attendance, the assumption is that there will also be a stadium-wide singing of “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Smith (even if his cakeday was back on March 17th).

Congratulations to Mr. Smith on the honor, and the statue.