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Left Field Leach: A brief study in the quirks of WSU’s coach

Oregon State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Coach Mike Leach of WSU has been leading the Cougars since the 2012 season, and in that timeframe has been able to bring some elusive success to their football program. The ‘Air Raid’ offense that he developed with Hal Mumme early in his coaching career, and brought with him from his most recent stop as the head coach at Texas Tech has even been responsible for breaking the NCAA single-game passing record, with 734 yards . Last year he was also named as the PAC 12’s coach of the year. He’s been a very successful program leader, in spite of some controversial incidents in the past.

However, arguably the most interesting thing about Mike Leach happens off of the football field, in the time leading up to games—in press conferences, specifically. He has a penchant for saying things that, well...just seem to come totally out of left field. This week was no exception, as he had some gems in preparation with Saturday’s game against BSU. Lets explore!

Last but not least, Leach had some thoughts on The Blue

‘Think of the ducks, people!’. Ha!

Mistreatment of ducks...

Does your hypocrisy know no bounds, sir?!

Jokes aside, Saturday should be a lot of fun...just not for the Cougars.

Go Broncos!