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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State vs UL-L highlights; Seattle Times scouting report

Ryan Finley looks to be in the right place to succeed.

NCAA Football: Poinsettia Bowl- Boise State vs Northern Illinois Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I forgot to buy ketchup.

But, hey, Heinz-sight is 20/20.

Relive the Louisiana-Lafayette game

Well, at least the highlights. The only parts that matter.

Seattle Times scouts a little about Boise State

Touched on the highlights. Brett Rypien, Jeremy McNichols, Tanner Vallejo. Can’t really go wrong making sure to talk about those guys when making a small scouting report. Course, those are pretty easy easy topics to cover. They could have really gone deep with the analysis if they really wanted to. They didn’t even bother going over fan blogs. I am offended.

Though one of the interesting points regarding the eight true freshman that saw time against UL-L was that Harsin is still in “program building” mode. Which could be true. As I had mentioned yesterday about more “Harsin” guys in the lineup.

As MAD MACGYVER has illustrated Harsin has been able to snag some good talent. He has put together, at least on paper, the first and third best recruiting classes the Broncos have ever had. And Harsin’s “worst” class was one that was built on the fly and put together in a flurry.

Though last year did not see a four star recruit, it still saw the the signing of the second* highest rated running back Boise State has ever signed with Alexander Mattison. And, interestingly enough, Mattison saw some pretty decent time against UL-L. Seems to be a correlation there.

(Originally stated that Alexander Mattison was the highest rated running back signed.)

Write up about North Carolina State and Ryan Finley

I, for one, am glad that he’s found a good landing spot. His ceiling seems like it “fits” with the expectations of NC State as a whole. Making a bowl game and not get Dave Doeren fired. The situation just seems to work. Eliah Drinkwitz’s offense combined with three years of eligibility (a full career in its own right) makes for some easy transitions for both parties.

FloTrack’s Weekend roundup

They have Boise State women no. 10 and commented that several Boise State varsity runners did not compete. Still quite impressive.


Fried chicken simulator. I love fried chicken.