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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Donte Deayon signed; Boise State sponsored car wins

You mean they just go fast, right?

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs v Boise State Broncos Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Did you hear about the guy who herds young goats?

He’s great with kids.

Donte Deayon stilling collecting an NFL paycheck

It is “just” with the practice squad.

I was hoping that he would not clear the waiver wire and some other squad would pick him up. I would have bet a bit of money on him making the 53-man roster. But, alas, that was not meant to be. But he still has a chance to work his way up. Congratulations to Mr. Deayon and way to represent #DBU.

Boise State football costs man his job

Well kind of. In the business we call that “clickbait.” Mostly it is UL-L deciding to go in a different direction. But I feel bad for Melvin Smith considering this Boise State offense is pretty good and they will not be facing this the whole season. I hope he will be able to bounce back sooner than later.

Hannah Newhouse wins her racing division

A lot of winning is going on with the orange and blue.

Congratulations to Ms. Newhouse and hopefully she will be able to keep the winning way going.

Bronco soccer falls to Oregon State

The Broncos fell behind 2-0 but at least cut the lead in half, 2-1, before time expired. The loss drops the Broncos to 1-4 and, unfortunately, on the wrong side of a four-match streak. Here is to the squad rebounding before conference play starts and they are able to string some wins together.


This is gorgeous.