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Boise State Game Balls for week of August 28th


Pan Am Games: City Scenes John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Twas a busy week for the Broncos. The women’s cross country team ran off with a season-opening win. The volleyball team swept their Ohio tournament. The football team barely squeaked by some raging heat and humidity. And the soccer team led their matchup with Oregon early but could not quite hold on.

We have a big slate, let us take a look at some outstanding performances.

Game Ball One:

Sierra Nobley (volleyball)

Ms. Nobley is probably going to go in the Boise State history books as one of the greatest players for the Broncos. As a junior she’s already recorded 1,000 kills and is one of the highlights of this Broncos team. The woman was the MVP of the Golden Flashes Classic and had a third double-double in five matches. More importantly she helped the Broncos sweep all of their competition over the weekend.

So congratulations to Ms. Nobley on another OBNUG Game Ball.

Game Ball Two:

Eva Herrera (soccer)

The soccer team started out well-enough on Friday versus the Oregon Ducks. The Broncos even went into the half matching up well with a 0-0 tie. Then Ms. Herrera scored the lone Broncos’ goal at the 60th-minute mark. Unfortunately the Ducks managed to push the Broncos and ended up winning the match 2-1. Make sure and watch the video for Coach Jim Thomas’ remarks concerning Herrera and her opportunities.

Ms. Herrera, enjoy an OBNUG Game Ball!

Game Ball Three

Brett Rypien (football)

Mr. Rypien picked up where he left off in the “I am kind of good at this quarterbacking thing” from last year. He went 22/33, 347 yards, and a pair of touchdowns. In the season opener against the Ragin’ Cajuns, you could see his command of the offense, and the trust that the coaches have in his ability. Certainly did not hurt that Cedric Wilson could catch everything that went his way. Great way to start the year for the Broncos.

Congratulations Mr. Rypien, you’ve reached peak internet kudos for last week: an OBNUG Game Ball.

Game Ball Four

Clare O’Brien (cross country)

The men’s and women’s cross country team opened their season in Utah on Saturday at the Sagebrush Invitational. The no. 6 women took the W on their side with Ms. O’Brien leading the way. She had finished the 5k course in just 17:39, good enough for second place overall. This race did not feature some heavy-hitting names for the Broncos as they won’t be starting their season until later this month.

So for Ms. O’Brien to carry the load and help lift the Broncos to a season-opening win (in her first collegiate race) is pretty darn good.

Congratulations to Ms. O’Brien for running far, and getting their with a quickness.

Your Turn

Yeah. There are some names I left off of here.

Kaitlyn Oliver and Maddi Osburn of the volleyball team who made the all-tournament team with Sierra Nobley.

Tara Fisher, Boise State goalkeeper, managed seven saves last Friday with nine shots on goal. Compare that to just three shots on goal for the Broncos, capitalizing on one.

There were some other dudes on the football team that also had themselves a day (Cedric Wilson, Jeremy McNichols, Jonathan Moxey, and Evan Tyler).

And there were three other women in the top 10 of the Sagebrush Invitational. Not to mention the men’s side who took second to Southern Utah.

So let me know who else should have had a Game Ball.