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Predict the Score: Boise State vs Utah State

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Now we enter (for the most part) the conference schedule. Boise State looks to the first stop on the revenge tour: Utah State. Last year’s matchup was… unpleasant. This year the Broncos want to return the favor and take back the scoreboard bragging rights. Utah State is coming off a pretty close loss to Air Force. Boise State is riding a five-game winning streak (dating back to last year of course). Hopefully the win streak continues.


  • Brett Rypien pass attempts
  • David Moa sacks
  • Sean Wale punts

What do I get if I win?

Well is kind of dry this week. So probably just a wink and a smile in next week’s post.

What about the Oregon State predict the score?

Oh gosh. I was dreading this one. That is because five OBNUG-related people nailed the final score. Drew Roberts actually got it first in his Leave it to Beavers preview. But he’s disqualified for a host of reasons. Main one is the fact that I am already pretty jealous of his finely-crafted hair. It would kill me to have to be jealous of his score predicting skills.

So who won? There were four Nuggies who guessed the 38-24 final score. Walrus_Kasra, Bluesledge, MAD MACGYVER, and irtjump132 all got it right (that is in chronological order by the way).

Well, my first reaction is to give the win to the first person (Drew excluded of course) to actually guess it correctly. Which, in this case, would be Walrus Kasra. BUT then what are the tiebreakers for?! (Hint: mostly for funsies.) So, in keeping with the “rules” of this thing, I actually had to look at the stats. Irtjump132 did not include any of the tiebreakers in his response, so that one is easy. The first tiebreaker was Alec Dhaenens receptions, which he had two. Walrus Kasra and MAD MACGYVER both had three as their guesses. So they are out. Which leaves us with Bluesledge, who guess correctly with two! So he had the score AND the first tiebreaker.


Congratulations Bluesledge. I am officially jealous of your guessing skills!

Your turn

Ok guys. Stop looking at Drew’s prediction and knock this one out of the park!