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Utah State Anagram Roster

Our Dazed Wringer!

NCAA Football: Air Force at Utah State Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • Utah State = At East Hut
  • Logan, Utah = Halt Guano
  • Matt Wells = Watt Smell

Offensive starters for Utah State

  • X: Andrew Rodriguez = Our Dazed Wringer
  • T: Rayshad Lewis = Radishes Yawl
  • LT: Austin Albrecht = A Bluntest Chair
  • LG: Jude Hockel = Judo Heckle
  • C: Austin Stephens = Thespian Sunset
  • RG: Jake Simonich = Hijack Monies
  • RT: Preston Brooksby = Bonkers Typos Bro
  • TE: Wyatt Houston = Tout How Nasty
  • Z: Braelon Roberts = Notable Bros Err
  • RB: Devante Mays = Steamed Navy
  • QB: Kent Myers = Mr Sty Knee

Defensive starters for Utah State

  • DE: Ian Togiai = I Gain Iota
  • NG: Travis Seefeldt = Levitated Serfs
  • DE: Ricky Ali’ifua = Aria If I Lucky
  • OLB: Brock Carmen = Men Crack Orb
  • ILB: Leki Uasike = Eek I Ilk A Us
  • ILB: Alex Huerta = A Healer Tux
  • OLB: Derek Larsen = Knee Larders
  • CB: Jalen Davis = Devils a Jan
  • BS: Dallin Leavitt = Lead Anvil Tilt
  • FS: Devin Centers = End Sincere TV
  • CB: Daniel Gray = Gin Already

Special Teams

  • P: Aaron Dalton = Darn Oat Loan
  • PK/K: Brock Warren = Rock Wren Bra
  • LS: Emmett Odegard = Targeted Modem
  • HOLD: DJ Nelson = (no angrams found)
  • PR: Jalen Davis = Jive Sandal
  • KOR: Kennedy Williams = Walleyed Mink Sin