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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State and Nike data swap; Another swim commit; Golf!

Olympics: Swimming-Afternoon Session Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

What does Mario use when he tries to communicate with the dead?

A Lou-ouija Board.

Brenna Peloquin adds Mountain West Conference weekly award

Kind of an obvious choice considering Ms. Peloquin wiped the floor with her competition last Saturday.

Broncos men’s golf finishes 16th down in Colorado

Senior Kyle Mitsunaga was the top Bronco finisher with a five over par 221. Final team results here. Boise State was able to edge out Colorado’s “B” team (yes, there was an “A” team), Southern Utah, and Santa Clara. Lots of improvement opportunities for the Broncos.

Women’s golf team finishes 12th in their tournament

Senior Dana Clary led the way for the Broncos in a tie for 22nd. The Broncos finished 56 over par beating out three other schools. No “A” or “B” teams on this one.

Make sure to watch Coach Harsin’s presser

Something very important happens.

The reason why it’s so important?

Heck, even the other local media is getting involved.

This is a breakthrough!

Bronco swimming and diving team is on a recruiting tear!

And they nabbed another one!

Coach Jeremy Kipp still out there nabbing some talent that will, hopefully, bring another Mountain West Conference championship to Boise State.

Nike collects data from Boise State athletes

Specifically personal, athletic, data. With the contract between the school and the company, Nike has the contractual right to a lot of what the athletes do. Both interesting, and unnerving. Because Boise State is a public school, the contract is made public. Want to look at it? Click here (you will have to search for Boise State). You can also find the contracts for any of the other public institutions (private universities do not have to disclose this information).

If we have a Nuggie who is fluent in legalese, please take a look at the contract and find the section. Would be kind of neat to see what all Nike is entitled to.


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