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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State back in top 25; Add a swimmer; Jay Ajayi!

The Statue of Liberty is such a cool play as well!

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

How did the hay get out of jail?

It made bale.

Jay Ajayi does a good for the Miami Dolphins

After the unpleasantness of getting left behind when the team played Seattle, Mr. Ajayi was able to contribute in a big way this week. Course, it does not hurt that the guy who (temporarily) replaced Ajayi, Arian Foster, got injured. But alls well that ends well when you can make an immediate impact. Ajayi staying on this upwards trajectory bodes well for his future opportunities (and future opportunities for Boise State to brag about his accolades). You can watch the specific play here.

Soccer team nabs another in Mountain West Conference win

This is an important stretch for the Broncos as they leave behind the brutal non-conference schedule that only saw one win.

As far as I am concerned the Broncos are 2-0 in the most pressing part of the season: winning the conference. There is little margin for error here, though, as the conference slate is quite challenging in, and of, itself. As a bit of reference, the Broncos were picked to finish sixth. So they have a ways to go in order to beat that expectation. But the Broncos have a bunch of fresh faces that can help get them there.

Because we should never NOT talk about the Statue of Liberty

You should probably click on that. It is a play that should probably be a staple for every game the Broncos have. And one can only assume it will successful in some capacity, even if not a touchdown at least a first down. That would be pleasant.

Notre Dame fires defensive coordinator

Which, after starting 1-3, someone’s head had to roll. The only reason I am bringing this up is the fact that a certain former Boise State player, and offensive coordinator, is on the staff. And, if things do not go well by the end of the season, he could possibly end up on that chopping block as well. Things are not looking too positive in the land of the Fighting Irish, so who knows what may happen.

A little bit of an aside: former Boise State coordinators are not exactly in great situations right now. Arizona is 2-2 with their “best” win against Hawaii. North Carolina State is 2-1 but with wins against FCS William and Mary, Old Dominion and a loss against East Carolina (that one may have put Doeren on the hot seat). And then Notre Dame.

Yay, Broncos ranked in the AP top 25 again!

Does not hurt that there were some other losses that helped make room for the Broncos. The Mountain West Conference now has two teams in the top 25 with San Diego State at no. 19. Which is good because, well...

Boise State just missed the Coaches Poll. They can shove off.

Boise State swim team adds another verbal commit

Another pick up for the Broncos as they add more of second-year Head Coach Jeremy Kipp’s own swimmers. Good get!