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5 Questions and a (Potential) Blog Bet: Boise State vs. Oregon State

This week, I had the privilege of exchanging questions with Marcus Russell (great last name, bee tee dub) from Oregon State's blog Building the Dam, and he maybe possibly kinda sorta agreed to a blog bet.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Here's my answers to their questions.

1. Our last meeting in the Hawaii Bowl was a big case of the sadz for us. I remember Rashaad Reynolds (2 fumble recoveries for TDs, 7 tackles, 2 PBU) doing everything he could to make me want to drink Clorox. Who are your players who will make me want to drink Clorox this time?

Oregon State's running back, Ryan Nall, is a beast but hasn't looked the same since an ankle injury in week 1. Darell Garretson is a competent quarterback (which is a huge upgrade for the Beavers based on last year). Victor Bolden, Seth Collins, and Jordan Villamin are talented WR's that could come up with a big play or two. But, if you're worried about a defensive player going off like Rashaad Reynolds did then look no further than CB Treston Decoud who is coming off a two interception game, including a pick-six he took back 75 yards (earning him the Pac-12 defensive player of the week award). Boise State is going to be able to move the ball against the Beavers, but they are going to want to take care off the ball and limit turnovers if they want to walk out of Corvallis with a win.

2. Which Boise State players are making you lose sleep this week?

Jeremy McNichols I think will find plenty of running room against the Beavers defense. Brett Rypien is a talented quarterback and I expect Thomas Sperbeck and Cedric Wilson to have good games but overall Oregon State's secondary is decent (but lacking in depth). I think Boise State will be able to move the chains fairly easy on Saturday. Idaho State managed 363 yards in their 37-7 loss last Saturday and would have had a lot more than 7 points if it wasn't for Oregon State's opportunistic turnovers. On the defense side of the ball I'm worried about Boise State employing some exotic blitzes. Darell Garretson has not had any time to feel comfortable in the pocket through two games and against Minnesota he was blind-sided twice, fumbling both times. Turnovers that really changed the complexion of the game. I could see Gabe Perez, Jabril Frazier, Ben Weaver, Tanner Vallejo, and company having a field day in Oregon State's backfield; which won't let allow me or Darell Garretson to rest easy.

3. I am currently on a cruise in the Caribbean. Here is a picture of me on a beach in St. Thomas (just look for the floating head):

Funny story: I turned and looked at the crystal blue waters, took in a deep breath of salty sea air and immediately thought: "AHHHHHH, SO UGLY!! HOW DO FISH STAND TO LIVE THERE?!" So to relieve my scalding retinas, I looked up at the clear, blue skies and found no relief as my head exploded from overexposure to such an unnatural color. Unrelated Question: Are you glad the game is not being played in Boise?

Haha, I may be of the minority here but I don't mind the bright blue field the Broncos call home. I am glad this game is being played in Corvallis though. Oregon State will need to draw some energy from the home crowd (and the student section now that school has started). Also, the Beavers are hosting a number of top football recruits, so hopefully they enjoy their time in Corvallis and the team puts on a good performance.

4. Using Microsoft Paint, draw a scenario you see happening in the game this weekend.

(I don't believe my old-school MacBook Pro has Microsoft Paint... And I would not draw a good scenario if it did BUT)... Here's what I see happening this weekend. I think Oregon State will keep it close for the first half or so, but ultimately Boise State will run away with the game. Prediction? I'll go Boise State wins it 32-17.

5. On a scale of 80s toys (with "Knight Rider Big Wheel" being "Supremely" and Robo Force being "Not at All,") rate your confidence coming into Saturday's game.

"I am Cop-tor, you will bow!"

"I am Cop-tor, you will bow!"

80's toys are a bit before my day, but I am not very confident headed into Saturday's game. Put me at just a touch over "Robo Force" (or a 2 on a scale of 1-5). In my opinion, Boise State thrives against Pac-12 and other 'Power 5' conference teams. They will be amped up and confident. Oregon State on the other hand is dealing with some injury concerns (Noah Togiai, Landry Payne etc) and has struggled to find an offensive identity. That coupled with Gary Andersen's comments about how he would prefer not to play Boise State could give the Broncos even more of an edge. I hope I'm wrong and the Beavers spring an upset on Saturday though. Best of luck!

And best of Scottish luck to you, Marcus! (Disclaimer: I don't know if the Scots are as lucky as the Irish.)