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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Catch up with Hedrick, player interviews, stats for Saturday

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

BSU Volleyball falls to UNLV a rare turn. Like ‘first-time-losing-in-7-trips-to-Vegas’ rare. Which means they’ll bounce back and...*ahem!* ‘kill’ it.


Fiesta Bowl-winning former BSU quarterback, Grant Hedrick has a new career

In Oregon, there will be a measurable rise in the number of people comprising the classification of “Perps that rue the day they heard ‘Pursuing on foot!’ behind them”

...cause he fast.

Game preview from ‘Building The Dam’—an Oregon State blog

It seems as though the writer may have only seen the stats from this year, and not actually ever seen Jeremy McNichols run. So, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree that “they should be able to keep the Boise State running backs at bay.” Ditto “Where Oregon State has the advantage is the passing game.”

...good luck keeping that at bay.

Player and coach interviews from yesterday

OBNUG now has a YouTube channel, and we’ll be posting videos to it throughout the season. If you miss one, you can catch up (or reminisce) here.

Head Coach, Bryan Harsin

WR, Thomas Sperbeck

CB, Tyler Horton

Twitter Tidbits

He’s unlikely to get injured there. Thank goodness! It was painful to watch how beat up that poor guy got, as a player. He was a great competitor. Glad to see a worthy adversary furthering his career.

B-ball is right around the corner, people!

I’m hearing the same.

David McKinzie likes watches. Thomas Spebeck does not support that.

Fun Facts with Jay ‘Stat Man’ Tust





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