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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State swim team adds commitment; Broncos Maze

Washington v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

It must be great to an electrician’s kid.

They never get grounded.

Boise State swim team adds a commitment

Ms. Lucia Davis is an Oregon native. So that is some great news coming into the game this week.

Congratulations to Ms. Davis and may her swimming career come with a lot of awards!

Like getting lost in mazes?

Check out this years Linder Farms corn maze.

That is pretty slick. I have always wondered how they did those mazes and made them look so cool. I have yet to go to one of these (shame on me) but I may have to make a special trip this year for the 30 Years on the Blue™. Seems like the right time to go.

And, yes, I also agree that #BoiseStadiumIsBestStadium

Idaho Statesman’s Dave Southorn does a Q&A

Answers some pretty basic questions about the Broncos and the differences between the previous coaching staff and this one. Also questions about Brett Rypien, et al. Mr. Southorn is always a wealth of knowledge!

Did Nebraska dedicate their season to Harambe?

Cause this recruit’s Twitter post has me slightly confused.

Being honest: I can’t believe Mike Riley is coaching Nebraska and that he beat Oregon last weekend. Mind is blown.

Boise State shirt makes odd TV appearance

Ok, first off. He’s no “noodle.” Unless “noodle” is a nickname for a guy with impeccable taste. Then I’m a noodle. Secondly, what IS this dude doing in Toronto (home of the World Cup of Hockey is being played right now) during the Team North America vs Sweden game. I mean, I think it is pretty darn cool, but still. Anyway, godspeed Boise State stranger. May you enjoy your game and leave Canada without developing an accent.

Watch some player interviews

And be better for it.

Cedric Wilson:

Jabril Frazier


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