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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State with another late start; Bronco Triathlon

More like Triathnope, amiright?!

Washington v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What did the duck say when he found the avocado?

Guac, guac.

Boise State / Utah State game time and channel worked out

This was mentioned yesterday in the comments of WUBN but it is always good to bring up that the Broncos are set to get another $500,000. Oh and now the total for Boise State bonus is now $1.9 million.

That is a hefty chunk of change to keep the lights on. Oh and you are welcome Utah State.

Oregon State “needs” to upset Boise State

Boise State had opened as double-digit favorites against the Beavers. Which seems kind of high, but being favorited overall is not necessarily a surprise here. But, in case you get too complacent, remember that weird things happen in Reser Stadium. It also does not help that Boise State is still winless in Corvalis. At any rate, it should be a good game. And being on Fox Sports 1 at 1:30 p.m. MST is not too shabby either.

Anyone up for the Bronco Triathlon?

What me? To use a common interweb term: LOL. I will not. But maybe YOU can?

For me, personally, the swimming is the hardest part. I tried one lap at my gym and... it did not go well. One of the many reasons I am not the biggest fan of swimming. Too dang hard. But good luck to all those who sign up for this.

Vote for former Bronco Townsend-Roberts

I have a feeling it does not take quite as long as two minutes. But would be neat to see him win this.

Michael was able to make the football press conference yesterday

So he was able to capture some video. You should watch.

Man Yakoo’s beard is both terrifying and glorious.

Boise State awarded money to help develop a scholar “redshirt”

And with a degree such as engineering, it could be of good use. Boise State is in some good company to help develop this program, such as: Colorado, Washington, and Washington State. Should be interesting to see how this program does. Wish I had that opportunity so I am glad that others will be able to take advantage. Any time the university can bring positive attention to its engineering program, the better.


This one is a bit of a trip. Inside a striped Torus. The moving lines actually made me a bit nauseous so if you are susceptible to visual things like that, you may want to steer clear.