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Who's Betting on Boise State? Week 1

Each week, we scour the interwebs to collect all the predictions of the game into one place. We will find out which "experts" have Boise State winning, and which ones probably eat cigarette butts off the ground. This week: Boise State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette.

"Alright, stop what you're doin'..."
"Alright, stop what you're doin'..."
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College Football News

Pete Fiutak is pretty high on the Broncos this season, even picking them to go to the playoffs. He also thinks ULL has a good chance of being Sun Belt Conference champions. And just to make us sweat a little, he added this:

Last year was an aberration. This is a nine-win program that couldn’t quite get the O going last year. That’s not supposed to be a problem this season for a Ragin’ Cajun ground game that should be ready to rock again with Elijah McGuire one of the best backs the Broncos will face this year.

(*Googles "Elijah McGuire"...oh.)

Still not a problem, though! Even though ULL has home-field advantage, and most of BSU's fanbase will tune in at midnight out-of-habit, Mr. Fiutak has Boise State winning this one:

BSU 45, ULL 27

Campus Insiders

Robert Judin believes the big difference in this one will be Boise State's offense. With Brett Rypien working on his gunslinger skills, he's bound to be even better than Wonderboy Jake Browning of UW this season. (Oh, he was last season? In fewer games? Oh. You wouldn't think so with every QB ranking out there!)

Anyway, here's the rub:

The Ragin' Cajuns won't even be able to spell "defense" after this one. Rypien has been firing on all cylinders and is clicking with the entire offense, as he steps into a bigger leadership role. The sophomore quarterback will hit the 350-yards-passing mark and toss a few touchdowns. Boise State will take the lead in the first quarter and never look back.

BSU 45, ULL 17

(Bleep)er Report

Although Brian Pedersen calls Boise State "the gold standard of mid-major programs," he doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence in our team racking up 700 yards of offense and 60 points. Weird, huh? Doesn't he follow our website?

BSU 27, ULL 21

The Power Rank

This website uses "analytics" to make their prediction, which sounds suspiciously like math to me (something which only MAD MACGYVER understands).

(Copyright, me. I'm so-o-o-o making shirts.)

Anyway, this website states:

Boise State (49) will beat Louisiana Lafayette (106) by 9.6 on the road. Louisiana Lafayette has a 24% chance of beating Boise State.

So that's a good thing, right?


For those of you wishing to put your money where your mouth is, here are the Vegas odds on the game. Website Robot thinks this might be a chance for us to improve our season record:

Boise State travels to Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, hoping to boost its 0-0 mark in Week 1 action with a victory over the Ragin' Cajuns.

The Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns are 0-0 so far on the season, and 0-0 ATS vs the point spread. The Boise State Broncos, meanwhile, are 0-0 and 0-0 ATS.

Beep-Bop, Analysis.

Beep-Bop, Analysis.

BSU 46.2, ULL 16.2

So there you have it folks! Boise State wins this weekend! No need to even tune in (or log in, whatevs).