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Predict the Score: Boise State versus Louisiana-Lafayette

This feels good. Feels right.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you guys enjoyed your Thursday night of college football. Sure is great to have football to look forward to. I never realized how long the offseason was until I was jonesing for another game. But here we are.

You probably have already looked at the betting guide and put together some formulations for scores. The Broncos are pretty decent favorites in this game, but we have all been there before. So take from that what you will. The predictions and prognostications go out the window once the ball is kicked off and it is up to the guys on the field to produce. We can all feel good about what we have.

Then someone goes and rains on our parade.

So we got that.

Anyway, on to one of everyone’s favorite part of the week: predicting a score! Normally the “Predict the Score” post is on the day of the game. But seeing as how the kickoff is 10 a.m. Mountain on 9/3, we want to give folks plenty of time to get a prediction in, so we’re posting it a tad early.


  • Number of pass break ups by the Broncos secondary.
  • Combined offensive rushing yards by Broncos not named Jeremy McNichols.
  • How many times I curse at the ESPN 3/WatchESPN app because it is behind Twitter and something got spoiled. Number of PAT(s) Tyler Rausa kick(s).

What do I get if I win?

The satisfaction that you guess a score correctly. And my admiration.

What about the Northern Illinois Predict the Score?

Hey. Well. That was a couple of months ago. But, boy, the #BEATEMDOWN was pretty awesome. Somehow Nuggie BSUinTenn absolutely nailed the 55-7 score. So. Weird.

Your turn

Guys, nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting this stuff together. And the fact that football is now back to occupy our free time. There may (read: will) be some bumps in the road, but hopefully nothing that cannot be overcome with grit and being awesome. Every year hope that it is going to be the year that the Broncos break through for greatness. So, regardless of what happens, let us enjoy this.

Go Broncos!