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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: CBS Sports bottom 25; Boise State Paralympic Gold!

Allie Ostrander also runs, and tells you about it!

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Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I like anything sour.

But lemons are sublime.

CBS Sports and the Bottom 25

Four teams from the Mountain West Conference are on this list. A cool one-third of the teams make up this Bottom 25. That is not... ideal. Especially when, as conferences, we are trying to build respect and make money. A lot of these things are cyclical, and could just be another down year like last year, but it is never a good look to have this many teams be of the “not good” variety.

Big 12 bound Colorado State was on this list, but them beating an FCS teams gets a week reprieve. Six—SIX—teams on the Boise State roster are on, or were on, this list.


Townsend-Roberts wins Paralympic Gold

The Broncos finally got another athlete at a really high level to achieve gold. And that is really awesome.

On a separate note, have you guys ever looked at the Paralympic medal standings? Good grief China is just cleaning up. They have more golds than the fifth place country has total medals. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I kind of figured the United States to do better than they are. Currently they are fourth in total medals behind 1. China; 2. Great Britain; and 3. Ukraine (Ukraine?!).

Has anyone been keeping track?

Second Episode of “Inside Bronco Football”

Again, this one is about 20 minutes, so go grab a can of sparkling water, or perhaps a DQ Blizzard, and enjoy.

Allie Ostrander talks about some of her favorite trails

The Boise foothills are a gem and if you are able to explore them, you should.

With the different types of terrain that the cross country team runs, it is quite convenient to have all of these so close.

Volleyball team hosts an invitational

Good chance to see the squad in action. $4 for kids, $6 for adults and free parking. If you are able to go, try to make a couple of matches. You never know. You may dig it.

Well. Not more than Maddi Osburn anyway.

Former Boise State football commit heads to community college

You all may remember the name of Derrion Grim. Wide receiver who committed to Boise State for a spell then ended up signing with Nebraska. This is a curious story in that he actually graduated from high school early to get into Nebraska. He then left Nebraska due to “disagreements” with Coach Riley about the offense. Curious where he will end up. Wish him luck anyway.

Which 0-2 teams have best chance to win?

I would say that Washington State would beat Idaho handily. But with the things going the way they are on the Palouse, it kind of feels like that Idaho may have a shot. Idaho does not have the athletes, nor the defensive discipline like Boise State, to hang with Washington State but they do have some guys who can score points. This is my prediction: Washington State wins, but it becomes the high(er) scoring game that some folks were anticipating against Boise State (reminder that the over/under started at 69 with Boise State 12 point favorites, so roughly 41-28).


You like things? You like looking at said things? You like Kim Jong-Il? (That one is probably a ‘no.’) Departed Fearless Leader of North Korea liked looking at things. You want to look at Kim Jong-Il looking at things? Well there you go.

We are so meta.