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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State vs Oregon State time set; Athletes commit

Well it’s about time!

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What do rabbits say before their meals?

Lettuce Pray.

Boise State vs Oregon State game time set up

In short: 1:30 MST on Fox Sports 1. These daytime games are pretty nice in that we get, you know, the rest of the the day to do something else. Well. Other than going to bed once the game is over. This should be a fun matchup in general and leaving us other opportunities to watch any other games that may tickle our fancy.

Roderick Townsend-Roberts fifth in 100m

The former Bronco just barely misses the podium at the Paralympics. His best event, high jump, is this Friday. Maybe he comes away from Rio with some hardware?

Boise State swimmers picked up a commit yesterday

Ms. Frederick joins a squad that has come off a second-place finish in the Mountain West Conference championships.

She joins second-year coach Jeremy Kipp continue the strong Boise State program.

The women’s hoops team also picks up a commitment

Seems to be a good get.

Seems to come from a good program as five players from that team are also D-I bound.

Not too shabby.

Not to belabor this Washington State win but...

Coach Mike Leach does not seem to be taking this L very well. Losing to Boise State isn’t really that bad of a thing (plenty of teams have done it). Probably should focus on not losing to FCS schools. That is what probably brings down the atmosphere. One has to be careful how they use comments like that lest they get a response. Much like the Philadelphia Eagles comment that said the players were wearing tutus. The Pennsylvania Ballet responded.

And, well, so did a JC softball team (h/t: Chase Glorfield).

The news about Boise State vetoing fields of non-green color is news again

For some reason. If you did not know that Boise State can give the final yay, or nay, to a non-green field, you do now.

Though, I did not know this one about the Bronco name:

The university also holds a trademark on the word Bronco — though it has permitted the professional franchise in Denver to keep using it.

So I am curious how Western Michigan gets away with it?

Curt Apsey also not a fan of the 8:15 starts

This was a late addition because I was lying in bed and realized I forgot to add it. But it’s always good to bring up.

The AD will, hopefully, be able to spark some change. But, I have no doubt, it will come at a cost. Literally.


Want to see my disapproval face?