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Tyler Horton earns MWC defensive player of the week honors

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

It was a wild game against Washington State on Saturday night as the Broncos led whistle to whistle, but had to hold on by the skin of their teeth to pull out the win. Given how tight things got at the end, one could look back at some pretty pivotal moments in the game that ultimately decided the of them was Sam McCaskill’s field goal block (we did win by 3, after all), but possibly an even bigger one was Tyler Horton’s pick six on WSU’s first drive of the game. The 85-yard scamper was the longest Boise State pick six since Jamar Taylor’s 100-yarder against ASU in the 2011 Maaco Bowl and set the tone early for the Broncos. Maybe just as impressive—the sophomore avoided a costly celebration penalty by thinking better of the endzone leap he almost made. Quick thinking, young fella!

Boise State’s starting 3 LBs had nearly 40 tackles between them, David Moa had a pair of sacks (1.5...but c’mon), and other defenders played admirably, but it’s hard to beat the optics of a looong pick-six (and besides...they’re gonna get an equally-as-prestigious OBNUG game ball). Hopefully this is the first of many accolades for the young Bronco DB.