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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State still out of top 25

Seems like the adventure to get back into it will be a difficult one.

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Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

My cell phone just died.

The saddest part is there won’t be any service.

AP Top 25

And the Broncos still not getting any love. Which is surprising considering the Cougars are Boise State’s lone quality opponent.

To recap: Boise State’s lone quality opponent, who lost to an FCS team at home, is so highly thought of that the voters decided to give Boise State fewer points in the poll after the Broncos beat them merely scored more points. Clearly the least valuable thing in any game/match/contest is having a better score relative to everyone else. One can only assume that the voters are the ones who are mistaken.

Paul Myerberg on Boise State

He was, apparently, at the game and I did not realize he was in the press box.

It was a pretty nice truck too.

I would have introduced myself to Mr. Myerberg but, alas, I am a fool.

Interestingly enough, the truck giveaway threshold seemed fairly easy to achieve on Saturday night. I was multi-tasking on other stuff, so I did not hear the rules, but it seemed to center around getting something in a basket?

Former Boise State football head coach Dirk Koetter victorious

Good on him for getting on an upward trajectory in Tampa Bay. May he have plenty of victories (and make sure to mention Boise State!).


Here is a lava lamp. If you have ever wanted to watch one but never wanted to go through the hassle of buying one.