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Gameday Atmosphere

Boise State Wide Receiver, Thomas Sperbeck interacts with a fan at the Bronco Walk, prior to playing against Washington State
Michael Johnson,

We wanted to provide some media that captured the atmosphere of gameday for those that have never been able to attend a Boise State game or who were just unable to make it this time. This is a brief video collage from my wandering around outside the stadium, prior to kickoff last night.

My apologies for the inconsistency in video quality and choppiness of the first few seconds. I was completely caught off guard and had to quickly start recording for the initial portion once I realized I had the entire football team walking behind me. I didn’t realize how hard it was to see faces until after the fact, so I downloaded an app to brighten up the first segment, but the only way to do so was through a stylized filter. So, I’m sorry if you feel like you’ve been Instagrammed right in the eyeballs for the first minute or so.

Otherwise, enjoy!