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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State allegedly no longer in Big 12 mix; Top 5 kickoff games

Well hamburgers

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve finally stopped drinking for good!

Now I will only drink for evil.

Boise State did not get a Big 12 rose

And I think we all saw this coming if we were honest with ourselves.

Which is mildly disappointing. You always wanted to think that Boise State had a shot. But them’s the breaks. Ultimately, I am curious if the Big 12 decides against the whole expansion thing and just reworks a deal with ESPN to get more money. Curious where the Big 12 ultimately goes with this whole thing.

Will Boise State confirm this cut sometime today? Probably.

[UPDATE 10:35 A.M.]

And there it is.

[UPDATE 11:31 A.M.]

Here is the full statement from President Bob Kustra.

The men’s basketball nonconference schedule released

The home slate is a little... bland. With a visit to Oregon there is not a whole lot of meat on that schedule outside of the tournaments. But the Broncos should give everyone a lot of heart attacks throughout the season. So we have that to look forward.

Volleyball team heads to Ohio

Broncos have three matches to get on the right side of the win-loss column (currently 1-2). Look out for Sierra Nobley to be awesome and Kaitlyn Oliver to boost her career attack percentage.

Soccer team to face two Pac-12 foes

They will be facing Oregon and Oregon State in succession. That’s quite the grind for this road trip. Wish them well as they, also, try to regain some footing and some wins.

Top 5 College Football Kickoff Games of All Time

“Oh this? This is just the time we went into Virginia and knocked off Virginia Tech in one of the awesomest openers ever. You know, the usual. NBD.”


I hope they never take down this Space Jam website.