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Louisiana-Lafayette Anagram Roster

Reenlist, Mr. Gill!!

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • Louisiana-Lafayette = Yo A Ale Fatalities Nu
  • Lafayette, Louisiana = (see above)
  • Mark Hudspeth = Thumped shark

Offensive starters for Louisiana-Lafayette

  • WR: Ja’Marcus Bradley = A curable dry jams
  • LT: D’Aquin Withrow = I own quid wrath
  • LG: Robert Hunt = Burn her tot
  • C: Eddie Gordon = I ere odd dong
  • RG: Adrian Goodacre = Aided racoon rag
  • RT: Grant Horst = Rats throng
  • TE: Nick Byrne = Briny neck
  • WR: Gabe Fuselier = Faerie bulges
  • WR: Keenan Barnes = Ban near knees
  • QB: Anthony Jennings = She got nanny jinn
  • RB: Elijah McGuire = Mice hug jailer

Defensive starters for Louisiana-Lafayette

  • DE: Mario Osborne = A sombrero ion
  • NT: Taboris Lee = Boil teaser
  • DT: Karmichael Dunbar = Lure a backhand rim
  • DIME: Tracy Walker = Tacky law err
  • NICKEL: Dominick Jones = Join sick demon
  • MLB: Otha Peters = Ah treetops
  • WLB: Trey Granier = Retire angry
  • BCB: Simeon Thomas = Shame motions
  • FS: Denarius Howard = Unwashed air rod
  • BS: Travis Crawford = Rico draws far TV
  • FCB: Troy McCollum = My Mr. Loco Cult


  • K: Stevie Artigue = It is vague tree
  • P: Steven Coutts = Cute tv stones
  • H: Sterling Miller = Reenlist Mr Gill
  • LS: Stephen Morella = Horseman pellet
  • KR: Levarious Varnado = Various vandal ore