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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State is going to have some week one NFL starters

And boy will they make Boise State media guys busy

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Time flies like an arrow.

And fruit flies like a banana.

Jay Ajayi listed as no. 1 running back for Miami

As the author said, it’s the beginning of training camp and a lot of things can happen between now and the first game of the season. But it is important that Ajayi get established early and keep that momentum going into the season. While Arian Foster has the opportunity to take touches away from Ajayi (the Dolphins would not have brought him in otherwise) the competition between the two can only make Ajayi better.

The Big Sky is prepared for Idaho to come home

But, let us be honest, they are just being generous about Idaho’s chances.

What is interesting is that Idaho would be playing with pieces of an FBS roster. Will that bode well for the Vandals? They will have to trim the roster by quite a bit to fit the FCS level roster limitations (63 vs 85 for FBS). Would their roster put them in immediate contention for success? Or will they still be Idaho football?

Charles Leno: Underrated

He is doing on the NFL level what he did while at Boise State: be awesome. A trend I have been noticing: Boise State players (and linemen in particular) have been somewhat underrated as far as the draft is concerned. Both Matt Paradis and Leno were late rounders (Paradis in the sixth, Leno the seventh) but are making huge impacts on their respective squads. Three semi-recent Boise State linemen have Super Bowl rings: Colledge, Paradis, and Clady (does he still get a ring even though he was injured last year?). Leno could possibly be another one.

Darian Thompson: Probably going to start at Free Safety

I know I have kind of been beating a dead horse with this “Darian Thompson is really good at football and you should know about it” thing. But, seriously, Mr. Thompson has this knack for being good at football. And he was, in my opinion, very underrated in the draft. You’re going to tell me that he has the inside track to start on an NFL roster week one as a rookie and was a third rounder?! Giants got away with one there.

A little more background on Boise State Olympian Jordin Andrade

He’s got a pretty interesting story to tell about getting cut from basketball and bouncing back. And now he’s an Olympian with hopes to walk away with hardware. Good luck Mr. Andrade!

Boise State adds home and home game with SMU in basketball

Which should be a good matchup for the Broncos. Well. In theory.

I know that Larry Brown just up and quit the head coaching gig after getting SMU in trouble with NCAA violations. Coach Rice should have his squad ready for the Mustangs.


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