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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 26, Devan Demas

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

26 days. Twenty. Six. It feels like forever since we started, but it feels like we blinked and now we're in the 20's. Let's recap senior running back Devan Demas today.

#26, Devan Demas, RS Senior, Running back

Devan Demas


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 174 lbs. (-1)

High School: Cypress Creek High School, Houston, TX

How'd he get to The Blue™?

By getting all of the yards at Cy-Creek. He racked up 2,114 all-purpose yards his senior year, along with 26 touchdowns. His Broncosports profile is worded oddly, so it sounds like these were his junior stats. ANYWAY, he passed on offers from the likes of Iowa State, Wake Forest, Utah, UTEP, Indiana and Rice to come play for the Broncos.


"The Rocket"

rocket car

I guess you could say he's pretty fast.


Shawn Wayans

Was going to try and mix it up, but Shawn Wayans is solid.

Career Highlights

Devan had a solid high school career as I mentioned above. He's had a pretty consistent college career as well. 21 rushes for 125 yards and a touchdown as an RS freshman, 25 rushes for 173 yards and two touchdowns as a sophomore, and 29 rushes for 171 yards and two touchdowns as a junior. He's averaging over 6 yards per carry for the Broncos. I'll take that. He had a career long run his sophomore year, going 73 yards late to set up a field goal.

2016 Prospectus

Things are looking good for Devan this year. While McWeapon is slated as the starter for the season, Demas is listed as his #2.

He has the experience and speed to handle the job. I wouldn't necessarily call Devan an every down back, but he can certainly do his part. He'll need to be mindful of the incoming freshman Mattison and Mahone as they will want that spot. I imagine one of those two will burn their red shirt this year simply for depth, but who knows.

Either way, I think Devan is in a good position to, at minimum, double his seasonal yardage average to over 300 and get an increase in carries.

Is he on Twitter?

There is an account for him, but he has yet to tweet.

Completely made up fact

Devan's speed is part natural, part diet. He drinks 3 pots of coffee first thing the morning to provide fuel for all that speed.