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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 30, Ryan Wolpin

Loren Orr/Getty Images

We have just one month until football glory is restored. Today, let's look at #30 on the Boise State roster—Ryan Wolpin

#30, Ryan Wolpin, Junior, RB



Height: 5'8"

Weight: 189 lbs. (-2)

High School/College: Santa Margarita High School, Santa Margarita, CA/Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Most walk-ons have plenty of ability, but Wolpin is the rare walk-on that leaves you scratching your head that he didn't have big time offers. Maybe his size isn't elite, but it seems his body-of-work would have been sufficient to nab a few high profile offers. All the better for Boise State, I guess.

Wolpin earned back-to-back first team all-conference honors in his final two prep campaigns at Santa Margarita. During that two year stretch, he rushed for nearly 3,000 yards (2,997) and 49 TDs. As a senior, Wolpin not only made all-conference, but was named all-region and all-state as well. His junior year (the better of the two) he garnered all-division, all-county and all-region honors along with his conference nod. After graduation in 2012, Wolpin attended the University of Northern Colorado, but redshirted and transferred to Boise State in time for 2014 spring practices.




After getting a closer look at his running style last year...I think I'm sticking with this one.



DC Andy Avalos.

Career highlights

Appeared in 13 games for the Broncos in 2015, both on offense and special teams. Named Boise State's Special Teams Scout Team Player of the Year last season as a redshirt freshman. 2012 first team All-Trinity League honoree (on offense). Named 2012 all-region and all-state. Named All-CIF Southern Section Pac-5 Division, All-Pac-5 Division, first-team All-Trinity League and first-team all-county and Orange County All-Region honors as a junior in 2011.

2016 prospectus

As we've previously discussed, the Broncos find themselves awash in running backs this year—a good problem to have for everyone except maybe for the backs that find themselves on the outside looking in on the depth chart. Still, 7 RBs in fall camp is a hell of a haul and it should at least bring optimism that the Broncos can find a suitable backup for star Jeremy McNichols, who scores touchdowns like I drink Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmers. We know McNichols is our workhorse, but who's the show pony? Based on stats alone, I don't see any reason it couldn't be Wolpin.

Presumed back-up Devan Demas had 29 carries for 171 yards in 2015. Wolpin had 25 carries for 155 yards. The difference there is pretty fact, Wolpin's 6.2 YPC average beats Demas's 5.9 YPC average. Sure, they have vastly different running styles, but who's to say you have to have a thunder and lightning duo...why not all thunder? If the Broncos are set to have a punishing, downhill running game, it makes sense to wear down defenses by staying behind the battering ram. Demas and Cory Young may be able to do a bit more in the passing game, and I think that might lend some weight to any arguments for using the shiftier backs, but the fact that we have these kind of options should be music to the ears of the offensive coordinating quartet. And I haven't even really mentioned the incoming frosh here, Robert Mahone and Alexander Mattison—one or both of these youngsters could blow things up during camp and insert themselves into the backfield. Frankly, I think "the stable" needs to rear its head once again...with these kind of options, it'd be downright scary. Wolpin is going to get his carries this year, regardless—whether they are Jarvis Hodge carries or DJ Harper carries is the big question. A question we'll mercifully know the answer to in short order.

Is he on Twitter?

Sadly, no

Completely made up fact

Wolpin's offseason training consists of him running through ice blocks. Here's some file footage: