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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Kellen put on injured reserve; A lot happened for Boise State yesterday

And we will be talking about this whole thing. A lot!

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

What did the scientist dog do with his bones?


There was a lot that happened yesterday

The Boise State football depth chart came out. The men’s and women’s cross country team are ranked in the coaches preseason poll. And Peter Fiutak thinks there is a chance that Boise State could be included in the CFP. A lot to catch up and a lot to keep track of during this fall season.

In case you were interested in the Ragin’ Cajun depth chart

You may want to keep abreast of who the Broncos are going to be squaring off against.

Also, this certainly helps for the Anagram Roster.

Some Boise State game information

Here is the Boise State record book. And here are the game notes that include the copy of the depth chart and any handy information about the Broncos.

Dallas puts Kellen on season ending injured reserve

Guys. I don’t know. I think this spells the last of Kellen’s playing days, at least in Dallas. When he heals I certainly hope he gets the chance to come back, but I just don’t think it will happen. Of the things that I hope I am wrong about, PLEASE, let it be this one.

My thoughts go out to you Kellen.


Well it, apparently, is not Brett Rypien. I feel as though the writer is insinuating that Jake Browning will be better than Kellen because Browning is 6-2 and Kellen is “only” 6-foot. I am probably reading way too much into that, but still find pretty hilarious.

On a side note: did Jake Browning really commit to the current University of Washington head coach when he was coaching at Boise State? Because I really don’t remember the timeline working like that. Wouldn’t Bronco Nation have made it a bigger deal? Or am I taking crazy pills?


This website is pretty swell.