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Boise State fall camp starts in the morning. IN THE MORNING.

This is not a drill! But yes, there will be a lot of drills.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I woke up this morning nursing some phantom ankle doubt due to an Elliot/E.T. psychic link with Kellen Moore. Tomorrow, however, I believe I'll wake with an extra spring in my step and a song in my heart (the song: "Centuries" by Fallout heart has a terrible taste in music), for tomorrow Boise State's fall camp begins in earnest. Most importantly, OBNUG is still (tentatively) welcome on the we'll be able to cover fall camp from a first-person perspective, rather than the 3rd person, sweeping up Dave Southorn word crumbs perspective. Alas, we will not be represented at tomorrow's practice and interview session (veterans in the morning, newcomers in the afternoon), but this weekend, I'll be there with bells on—so what if it's my kid's birthday?

Of course, the arrival of camp means the arrival of questions...and sometimes, even the answer to said questions. So below, I'll outline what I'll be looking for at fall camp and you can regale us in the comments with what you'll be looking for in fall camp and we'll silently judge you for it.

Sizing up the newbies

Camp will be our first chance to get a look at the incoming freshman—several of whom are bound to see the field in 2016. For the first couple days of camp they'll be sequestered from the vets while Jeff Pitman tortures them in unimaginable ways...but after that, they'll be swimming on their own. I'm curious to see how these newcomers stack up and also to see just how off their roster proportions are. For example, incoming DT Curtis Weaver is listed as the same height and weight as our incoming kicker.

Weaver size

If this is accurate, I see no reason that Curtis Weaver shouldn't be our new placekicker.

Update: In an extremely welcome twist, Curtis Weaver is not, in fact, the same size as Ben Weaver. Whew!

C Weave

Oh and there's also this...


No...not 'Huntington Beac'—6'7" 263 lbs? Did our TE just show up as an OT?

Arby's RB order

Call it a hunch, but I think that Jeremy McNichols is going to be the starting running back this season. Furthermore, my hunch informs me that one of six additional running backs will serve as his primary backup. Yes, we're going to have 7 running backs on the roster—eat your heart out New Mexico! Honestly, I think any of the RBs can get the job done, and more than 2 are bound to play...but 7 won't, so fall camp will be the time to establish some semblance of a depth chart there. Personally, I like the lightning-to-the-thunder running styles of Devan Demas and Cory Young, but I'm also a fan of the head-knocking style of Ryan Wolpin and incoming freshman Alexander Mattison. Will it be "tastes great" or "less filling" that eventually prevails? Was that 80s beer commercial reference too subtle?

Back it up, back it in

The linebacker unit will be the unquestioned king of units on either side of the ball, in my opinion—fielding at least 3 players that could end up with an all-conference nod. But wait! Did you just say "three linebackers" Drew? Well, not exactly...but yes, the Broncos will be shelving the 4-2-5 this year (sorta) for more of a 4-3 look—meaning that Tanner Vallejo, Joey Martarano, AND Ben Weaver all get to be on the field at the same time. You can call them Will, Mike, and Sam. So—what this rotation will look like is one question to to be answered, but also the nature of the SAM backer position in general. De facto nickel position, or the 3rd backer look that was popular when DC Andy Avalos was busting heads for the Broncos?

The OC(s)

Zak Hill had the benefit of spring camp to get acclimated to a Blue field (as opposed to the red one he came from) but fall camp is a whole new beast—especially once they start installing the actual 2016 offense with the 2016 pieces in place. Speaking of beasts...just how is this multi-headed OC monster going to look with Zak Hill, Scott Huff, Junior Adams, and Bryan Harsin all trying to wear the same oversized knit OC polo? My heart is saying it's going to awesome, but as we discussed before, my heart cannot be trusted.

What of the triple option?

michael scott

More things will come to light in the coming days and weeks, and hopefully OBNUG will be there to cover it, so gird up thy loins, Bronco fans—one countdown rolls on, but another has mercifully come to an end.

Your turn

What player, unit, or coach are you intrigued by in fall camp? What type of "ism" are you filled with this year, "optimism" or "pessimism" (note, those are the only two "ism" choices, get your minds out of the gutter)?