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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 5, Garrett Collingham

Vizio Fiesta Bowl - Boise State v Arizona Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Only 5 days left. F. I. V. E. Honestly, it’s kind of surreal. It feels like we just started the countdown for the season and now it’s nearly over. Let’s check in on #5, freshman wide receiver Garrett Collingham.

#5, Garrett Collingham, RS Freshman, WR


Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 204 lbs

High School: Mountain View High School, Meridian, ID

How'd he get to the Blue™?

He walked out his front door, got in his car, and just drove down to the stadium. Well he might not have done EXACTLY that, but he could have if he wanted to. Garrett passed on some FCS offers to take a walk-on spot with the Broncos.



Let’s be honest, he looks like he could be in the magazine just as much as he could be on the field.


Ryan Gossling

Career Highlights

Garrett had a solid prep career at Mountain View, leading them to a state championship berth after throwing for 1,655 yards and 12 touchdowns as well as 958 yards rushing and 11 more touchdowns for the Mavericks. He wore a red shirt for the Broncos last season.

2016 Prospectus

Garrett is in an interesting position. He originally walked on as a quarterback, but this spring, transitioned to WR. As odd as that may sound, it isn’t that crazy of a move. Sperbeck went from QB in HS to being recruited as a safety to WR and look how he turned out. Granted, he was offered a scholarship, but the correlation is there.

Garrett is also the tallest WR we have on the roster. We obviously have a very deep receiving corps, but who honestly knows.

By all accounts, Sperbeck, Anderson and Wilson will be our starters with Modster, Richardson, Ogbebor, Cottrell, Butler, Jefferson and Pope filling in the 2 and 3. Is that to say Garrett won’t get his shot? Absolutely not. I feel the coaches will always play the best players they have available. Based on what I saw at the Fan Fest, I don’t anticipate we will see much of Garrett this season, though he did have a nice 35 yard grab in the scrimmage. . If he can develop a skill set to fit his frame, he could be a dangerous weapon. With the depth at QB so thin, who knows. Maybe he switches back to provide some depth there.

Is he on Twitter?

I can’t seem to find one, no. But BYU fans agree with his nickname.

Completely made up fact

To toughen himself up before games, he takes a tip from his parents and walks across a floor of Legos before each game.