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Boise State Game Balls for week of August 21

Olympics: Volleyball Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Another week of Broncos’ athletics in the books. How did our Broncos fair this week? Well we will talk about some solid performances.

Game Ball One:

Janelle Flores

Unfortunately the Broncos fell to Seattle University on Friday 0-1. There are times when goalies are like a brick wall and never let anything through. Sometimes a really late penalty kick (seriously late, as in the 90th minute of a 90 minute match) can doom you. And this is what happened with the Broncos. Ms. Flores did play admirably, though, preventing one corner kick from going anywhere and saving another shot-on-goal. But when it is just one-on-one on a free kick, there is only so much you can do. Though the Broncos did walk away with the L, bringing their record to 1-1, Flores was able to get some work done.

Congratulations Ms. Flores for your efforts and the work you do.

Game Ball Two:

Sierra Nobley

The Broncos split a double-header on Saturday behind the efforts of Boise State’s Mountain West Conference Preseason Player of the Year. And Ms. Nobley did not disappoint. Against the sweep versus Northwestern State, Nobley recorded 11 kills, 11 digs, and 13 points (which lead both squads). Against North Carolina State, she recorded 21 kills; nine digs, 23 points (again, which lead both teams). Unfortunately the Broncos lost to the Wolfpack, but gave it a valiant effort.

Congratulations Ms. Nobley.

(PSA: expect to see her here often.)

Game Ball Three:

Jaymee-Lee Bulda

Ms. Bulda is the Steve Nash of Boise State volleyball. She is always there with the assist. Versus Northwestern State Bulda recorded 27 assists. The next closes athlete was Natalie Jaeger with 16. Ms. Bulda literally had more assists by herself the then rest of both of the squads combined. That’s knowing how to be where you are needed. In the loss versus NC State, she had a whopping 47 assists. That match was a little more involved as the Wolfpack also had their fare share of assists (the Wolfpack ended up with more overall assists 57 to 53).

Ms. Bulda could almost qualify as ADA compliant with all the assists. Congratulations!

Your Turn

See any other efforts that also deserved kudos? Let me know in the comments.