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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Special Teams, Linebackers, Tommy Stuart

Boise State v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Boise State seeking demons???

Calm down, mom. It’s not a new Black Sabbath song (although, if it were, I’d be listening to it...RIGHT NOW). No, it’s a reference to a well-known football term: ‘Special teams demon’. Basically a player that, for whatever reason--juniority (yeah, I made that word up), lack of experience, or just being unable to otherwise crack the depth chart at their respective position—receives the bulk of their playing time on special teams, but attacks their role with the reckless abandon of a man possessed. A demon, you could say.


Weak side to strong side, Boise State’s linebackers are...*searches for appropriate superlative—fails*...they’re just really freaking good!

Boise State soccer

Dropped a match to Seattle yesterday, and other Olympic sports notes.

Silverback sighting!

Tommy Stuart still making his presence felt

This is an example of an excellent team player. Everyone is rooting for Rypien to stay healthy all year, obviously, but if the unthinkable happens...Stuart’s got a pretty impressive skillset. Not to mention he has some time in this system now, so some newly acquired saavy. It also sounds like they’ll be working him into the games, Michael Coughlin style, which is great to hear.


...this will shatter a well-accepted paradigm for you