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Wake up, Bronco Nation! Clady comeback, player interviews, Madden ratings

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Don't call it a comeback, Clady's been here before!

No, but seriously. He has been. Verifiable by multiple All-Pro appearances. Remember when he was a 2 star high school recruit? I'd say he made that rating system rethink some things . And all LL Cool J lyric jokes aside, go knock 'em out Ryan. Whether mama said to or not!

(That was the last one, I promise)

Interviews from practice yesterday

CB Jonathan Moxey

LB Tanner Vallejo

S Evan Tyler

Coach Harsin (pre-practice)

BSU Announces Captains

And awards some more scholarships.

Tom Scott's slanty take on things

Kind of too much to try and give a stinger for. It's typical Scott, meandering non-fiction that's full of never not-interesting snippets. Particularly about quarterbacks, in this edition.

Broncos preparing for the humidity of Lousiana

For those of you that had concerns about cramps and such things, there is a specific preparation method in use.

18 former Broncos featured in Madden

This is not a small number. It's also not a complete number, as there are 23 (or 24, depending on if you count Lee Hightower, who finished his college career elsewhere) former Broncos in NFL camps. Currently, NFL rosters are at 90 players, and that includes those players. If they are still on NFL rosters when the league requires the rosters trimmed to 53 for the start of the regular season, we could see more of them added to the EA rankings in a later update. Also, I have to wonder if they'll bump Kyle Wilson's speed up from 87, because c'mon.

Meet the Newcomers