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Boise State scholarship fire sale continues unabated

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Two more Bronco walk-ons were put on scholarship in the last few days, bringing the camp scholarship total to 4. O-lineman Kellen Buhr got the scholarship party started last week, when he was sneakily put on scholarship via fake children's letter (well, I assume it was fake...unless walk-on O-linemen have more sizable fan clubs than I'm imagining). Then, long-snapper Matt Cota was added to the scholarship fold a few days later, but Bryan Harsin wasn't finished. Over the weekend, senior wideout Taylor Pope was presented his scholly news after a hike to the top of Table Rock—something I hope wasn't a prerequisite.

Finally, brand new walk-on Blake Whitlock—formerly of Saddleback College (JuCo)—was placed on scholarship, making him one of the quickest rags-to-scholarship stories in recent memory. With at least one scholarship left to give, it seems that Bryan Harsin has become the Oprah meme brought to life.

No telling who the next lucky Bronco will be to receive a golden ticket, but there are still plenty of guys to choose from. Personally, I'm dreaming of being plucked from the sidelines by Coach Harsin and awarded a scholarship. "Hey, you with the camera and dazed look on your're in." To which I have to inform coach my eligibility is exhausted and my knees hurt when I step off a curb...I didn't say it was a good dream. Congrats to all four of the newest non-asterisked players on the team. Oh, Oprah also loves bread.