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Local Boise State partners set up fundraiser for Louisiana flood victims

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

We all know that football is just a game. A game that offers a temporary pause from real life and an opportunity to just “enjoy the moment.” There are certain times, and events, that make us stop and realize that football (or any sport really) is just a small escape that ends all too soon. But, even then, that temporary reprieve can be overshadowed by the outside world and we are no longer able to just “get away” from those problems.

As you should be aware, there is a calamity down in Louisiana. One that the American Red Cross is calling the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy four years ago. As such, people are losing their homes, and their lives, to massive flooding. As the water continues its rampage through the area, relief efforts are courageously trying to help those who cannot help themselves.

But those efforts come at a cost, specifically monetarily. And those costs are just going to continue to rise. So that is where the local partners of Boise State, Cumulus Media and Harmon Travel, have decided to help.

The goal of the GoFundMe is to raise one dollar for every seat in Albertson’s Stadium—$36,387. That money will then go to the United Way of Acadiana to help with the after-effects of the flooding.

While it will be a relatively small sum, when compared to the overall efforts, it is a start. It can help provide food, clean water, clothes, and the ability get other resources in the hands of those that need it.

So, if you are able, please give generously to a worthy cause that may help save the life of someone who is struggling due to this natural disaster.

Thank you.