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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Darian Thompson injured; Boise State women’s basketball schedule

Whenever I hear “injury” I hold my breath.

NFL: Preseason-New York Giants at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Why did the cultist go to the seance?

To get to the other side.

Darian Thompson week-to-week due to injury

I hate it when athletes get injuries. More so when they are players that I care about. The one positive is that it does not appear “serious.”

Mr. Thompson has been impressive in his time with the Giants. It will be good that he can play the beginning of the season.

Boise State women’s basketball announces schedule

If you are a fan of the shooty-hoops, then here is a cost-effective option to see some really good basketball. This is going to be the last year to see the Pahukoa sisters and Yaiza Rodriguez as they play their final season. But you should also come out to see Junior Shay Shaw, Sophomore Marta Hermida, and Arizona transfer A’Shanti Coleman (she’s a redshirt this year, so next year technically). The Broncos had a strong beginning of the year, last year, but faded down the stretch. Hopefully they can bring back the magic from their 2014 season when they ran the table at the Mountain West Conference Tournament.

Ranking all 128 FBS QBs

Mr. Brett Rypien is pretty high on this list. You should click to see where. Of note: he is ranked higher than San Jose State’s Kenny Potter. [thinking emoji]

Saw this Tweet from a major media outlet and was really confused

I mean. Even if you did not want to give Boise State football the benefit of the doubt, how could you rank them here???

But, alas, he was just talking about basketball rankings. Aside from glancing at a schedule to talk, in earnest, about how a basketball team is going to do is far too soon. Especially when hand-egg-ball has not even started yet.


Million dollar homepage. I’ve heard of this but, for some reason, hadn’t bothered looking at it till now. Don’t you hate it when you se a really dumb, but pretty witty, idea actually be successful?