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Boise State Game Balls for week of August 14th

Guess what’s back?!

Benfica v Setubal: Primeira Liga Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Oh me, oh my! What do we have here? Why, I do believe it is time for another set of OBNUG Game Balls! With the Boise State soccer team starting off the year in the correct fashion, a win, we get to fire the engines of our weekly sports kudos.

Let us dust off the cobwebs and get down to it!

Game Ball One:

Raimee Sherle

The hometown Bronco of Meridian, Idaho scored the first goal of the season. And it was a doozy of a goal (make sure you watch the recap for a great Airplane! joke.). What makes this even more special is that Ms. Sherle (pronounced: Shirley) is a TRUE FRESHMAN for Boise State! She scored that goal on the 36th minute. I hope that all her goals come that easy!

Congratulations Ms. Sherle on the OBNUG Game Ball!

Game Ball Two:

Eva Herrera

Ms. Herrera took the adage “use your head” literally and headed in a goal for the Broncos in the 63rd minute. I never knew someone could be so accurate ricocheting a ball of one’s head, but here we are. This was the goal that basically “wrapped up” the game for the Broncos as it forced Idaho State to play a lot of catchup to try and get back into the game. The header was from an assist by Kayla Tucker.

To Ms. Herrera: a hearty thumbs up!

Game Ball Three:

Janelle Flores

When I was a child I, for some reason, thought playing goalie for a team would be easy. Only because you would not have to do all the running everyone else does. But, as I have actually watched sports that involved goalies, I realized that this is can be a pretty crappy job. You are literally the last line of defense between a win and a loss. Well, in this case, Ms. Flores helped secure the win for her Broncos. The Idaho State Bengals had 12 shots on goal, five were considered “on target,” and four of those were successfully saved by Flores. I would be lucky to save even one.

Ms. Flores, you are on a roll. Have yourself an OBNUG Game Ball.

Your Turn

Isn’t this great? Just the chance to see sports get going again? I think it is great. This is going to be a long season, folks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!