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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Kamalei Correa making friends; Boise State opener has a kickoff time?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Why was the frog waiting for the bus?

His car got toad.


He’s bringing that intensity to practice! And, yes, we are just talking about practice!

Correa hit Dennis Pitta which also cause a kerfuffle. While I certainly hope that Mr. Correa was not out to hurt anyone, being a rookie, he’s got to make a name for himself. What better way than to get in trouble with other players?!

We have a start time for the Boise State opener?

Appears so. And it’s at 10 a.m. Mountain. Yay?

If this holds up, it will be kind of nice to get the early jitters out of the way. Though this morning game could screw with body clocks (remember Stanford at Northwestern last year)? I suppose there is something to be said about an early start as the first game. The team will not be traveling in between games and messing with any particular routine and the team gets to arrive there, possibly, a day or two earlier than normal to get acclimated.

The coaching tweet storms have begun

And, refreshingly enough, Coach Harsin avoided the late night, at midnight in certain timezones, retweets.

Due to rules changes, coaches can now ‘Like’ and retweet a recruit’s tweets. Which can be annoying as anytime a recruit will mention the coach, that coach may send a retweet our way.

If you are like me, you have the notifier on for Coach’s tweets. Which, I have discovered, even includes retweets of other people, not necessarily an original tweet. I never want to miss a “Go Broncos!” Of course, the downside is that whenever it is NOT a “Go Broncos” I am slightly (read: really) disappointed.

Yesterday Coach Harsin spent a lot of time giving shoutouts to the 22 players on NFL rosters headed to training camps. So while he was tweeting a lot, it was not of too many recruits.

I want to believe this is how Coloradao State sent info to the Big 12

Presented without comment. Mostly.


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