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Oh Snap! Boise State's Matt Cota put on scholarship.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

No word on what wacky way the Broncos chose to break the news to Eagle High product Matt Cota that he'd been put on scholarship, but I assure you—it was heartwarming. The junior long snapper is in his fourth year with the program but his streak of paying for college has officially been...snapped.

As you may recall, Damien highlighted Cota in the roster countdown alllll the way back on day 42 and besides comparing him to a young Chris O'Donnell, he stated that you'd never hear Cota's name called unless he screwed something up. Well, were wrong—we'll also hear Cota's name called when he's put on scholarship. I will now take a Habit burger as payment for your wrong-ness. Nothing really prepares you for when a walk-on long snapper is put on schollie, but I think the @Specialists_BSU twitter account will be very happy about the news.

Congrats, Mr. Cota!