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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Andrade makes semifinals; Boise State football lands commit

Talk about a major hurdle for the Broncos

Olympics: Track and Field-Morning Session James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

A head injury can be really serious.

It can really open your mind.

Jordin Andrade almost didn’t make the 400m hurdles semifinals

And, boy, he was certainly thisclose to not making the semifinals. There are always little tine rules that seem to rear their ugly heads in times like this. Unfortunately cooler (and I daresay more handsome) heads did prevail and the initial disqualification was overruled. He will be able to run for Cape Verde and, possibly, make it to the next round.

Another cool thing is that he is the only person wearing Cape Verde colors to make it to the semifinals in any sport.

Pretty cool story for the former Bronco. Much luck to Mr. Andrade.

Brett Rypien on the Manning Award watch list

Well, yeah. Now the focus is him WINNING the award. I feel as though this is just the Kellen Moore Award by proxy since Peyton Manning won an award named after the famed former Boise State quarterback. I cannot be convinced otherwise.

ICYMI: Boise State picked up a corner back verbal commit

Mr. Marques Evans had a lot of Mountain West Conference offers, and he chose right!

Reminder that former Bronco Kurt Felix competes on Wednesday

Mr. Felix won the 2012 NCAA decathlon and he will be participating in this Olympics for Grenada. Currently Mr. Felix is a volunteer track & field coach for Purdue. Good luck to Mr. Felix.

Watch the Boise State marching band run through a routine

Pretty cool time lapse. They look like a bunch of ants going through this.

Super-excited to see this in person again!

Guy dives at the Olympics

Does not do a good.

Does not certainly seem like the optimal dive if one were wanting to win a medal. But I suppose that is neither here nor there as I couldn’t pull off a nearly half as cool-looking belly flop as this dude. I mean, sure, I can do a belly flop. But it would not be as graceful as this poor soul.


Here is the best dinosaur.