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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Deayon making strides; Boise State football Olympics

Are we SURE Donte Deayond doesn’t have any more eligibility?

NCAA Football: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I was accused of ruining a family portrait.

But I was framed.

Donte Deayon continues to play football well

And is rewarded thusly.

It will be a difficult transition for the Broncos in replacing Deayon but, by the looks of it, he is not having any troubles transitioning to his next chapter. The number of guys Boise State is able to put on the next level is a pretty great thing.

The Broncos football Olympics continues with a bit of a home run derby

This looks pretty fun.

Course, Now I want to try and crush a tennis ball to the stands. I doubt I could get to the second deck, but maybe I could get lucky and hit one pretty far into the first. Also, a lucky fan may be able to stumble upon a stray tennis ball.

Men’s basketball tour in Costa Rica is over and ends in win!

A lot of the youngsters were able to get some good playing time and a lot of minutes. While ending on a positive note (the Broncos leave with a 2-1 record) the important thing is for the coaches and players knowing what they have going into the season. While the teams are just going to get more difficult as the season wears on, at least this gives a glimpse at what the Broncos have for the season.

See the new Bronco Gym upgrades

Coach Shawn Garus reviews some of the upgrades made to the gym and the new look on the floor. Pretty snazzy!

Louisiana at Lafayette having some issues with flooding

The game is just over* two weeks away (GEE, WONDER IF THERE IS A WAY OF KEEPING TRACK OF THAT) and this is not quite the best news. Most importantly is the safety of the people, so hopefully they square that away. Course, I do not think anyone would mind having the game in Boise.

*Edit: Math is hard. Look to the comments.


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