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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Obama with the B12 expansion ‘assist’, NFL checkup, and more

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Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

POTUS quoted and featured in Big 12 expansion pitch

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. We’ll see how it pays off for us

Paradis and some other notable alums still doing great things at the next level

Also referenced here. And here.

BSU expecting big things from The Moa Constrictor

Being a technician is a good thing. Technique is something you don’t lose, even if you’re physically exhausted, as long as you’re mentally tough.

Matt Miller back in his home state, coaching

Just biding his time until Harsin has retired after winning so many national championships that he’s become bored with them, and he can team up with his super bowl winning former teammate, Kellen Moore, coming off a 15 year NFL career to be the next head coach for the Broncos. I saw it in a dream. It’s happening.

BSU basketball continuing their globetrotting tour

Beat Costa Rica's national team today.

And having a good time, it would appear showing BSU some more love

Wish they’d have featured a pic with the seats a little more full, but exposure is exposure.

Remember how I said PFF is real hit or miss?

They have SJSU’s QB ahead of Rypien, but have us ahead of Houston on this top 25 list. Schizos, I tell you.

Saw this headline and laughed. Apparently it’s not new for Pete

Sights and Sounds of Camp!

I’m in favor of any and all drills involving the stopping of the option.

Most impressive high school tape of any TE I’ve ever seen, for the record:

Harsin can still ball, ya’ll!

More awesome coverage of Buhr being rewarded with as scholarship