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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Rausa rules, PFF disses Rypien, Oregon State pay homage, Broncos in NFL preseason

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Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Boise State kicker set to be one of the best in the country

He’s also on Tom Brady’s his ability to be left hanging on high fives.

For the record, when I personally encountered Mr Rausa, sitting on a boulder outside the football complex, I gave him the crispest of high fives. He’s earned it.

USA Today has our back again

I’d add one minor correction, however. They say Rypien is ‘arguably’ the best quarterback in the conference. It’s not arguable. No matter how badly Pro Football Focus wants it to not be Rypien. Exhibit ‘A’ below

I know PFF is a stats-based outfit that provides some very interesting perspectives and they do legitimately have their uses, and nothing against K Pott or SJSU, but they’re just flat-out wrong here.

Oh, you need proof? Ok!

For the math-challenged, twenty touchdowns is more than 15, and 1,984 passing yards is significantly less than 3,353. Granted, Potter’s completion percentage was 67.4% vs 63.5% for Rypien, but the stats may be a bit padded by a 92.9% outing vs the ‘formidable’ University of New Hampshire.


UNH is not actually formidable. In fact, they’re not even an FBS school. Ryp remains king. Game over, PFF. Thanks for the laughs.

Beam us up, Scotty!

I always enjoy Tom Scott’s slant on things. So, I’m going to allow you to as well.

Oregon State blog picks BSU to win matchup

I’ve always enjoyed our games against Oregon State. Probably the 2006 iteration the most, as I was lucky enough to attend. They’re always a gracious opponent, and I don’t recall anything but great interactions with their fans. This is a great write-up for those wanting to get a better perspective on our upcoming opponent, provided from within their fanbase.

Statesman post-practice video with Harsin: Point Break edition

Part 1

Part 2: Post-makeover

Broncos in the NFL!

We finally got a little, tiny, teaser of a taste of real NFL games with the first preseason games today, so it’s worth remembering notable Bronco alums that were in play tonight

Be sure to stay tuned through the weekend, as the Broncos have 24 players on NFL camps


For all you writers out there that need ideas, or just people that want to create your own ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ skits from home, here’s a random prompt generator.