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Graham DeLaet in silver medal position after opening day of Olympic golf

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Former Bronco standout Graham DeLaet is in good position following the first day of the golf tournament at the Rio Olympics. DeLaet, who is competing for his native Canada, shot an opening-round 66 to put him just 3 strokes off the leader—Australian Marcus Fraser, and tied with Sweden's Henrik Stenson. If DeLaet continues to golf well and keeps himself in medal contention, he'll actually defend his country's last golf medal...won at the 1904 St. Louis Olympics. 1904 also happens to be the last time the Olympics held a golf tournament, but STILL. So regardless of the weird red leaf on DeLaet's gear, I think we can all find enough blue and orange in our hearts to root him on to victory. Grab some Tim Hortons and a Labatt, pop in some Rush and cheer for DeLaet to take gold when the tournament wraps up on Sunday. It may not be overly patriotic, but he is a Bronco and he's competing for America Jr.

Go Graham!